Skis are defined by the use of materials over certain period of time and as a product can't be 100 percent ecological.

However, we are doing our best to lessen the environmental impact.



We eliminated non-natural materials such as plastic topsheets and aluminum sheets from our production.

We use wood from European renewable forests and organic glue from Entropy Resins.

Since the very beginning of our establishment, we use virtual product development process. Viktor designs skis so precisely that for the development of a new model, we are down to no more than 2 ski prototypes until the final product is released to the market. Jakub wrote the software for calculations the strength and elasticity of materials that achieve exact results and the software is now used also by the Technical University of Munich (TUM).



Ski production is just on-demand, thereby we eliminate the use of excess material.

Our concept of ski lengths adjustments using various types of tails allows us to use the minimum number of steel cassettes for the production of skis. Product life is increased by the use of high-quality materials and high-quality manufacture which means only A controlled product quality while avoiding the production of B or C products. This is confirmed by an extended  3-year warranty.



We cut the shipping down as well – we sell mainly directly through our website or our ambassadors.

All our Slovak , Czech, Austrian and German customers can receive the skis personally. We also have a direct relationship with our customers – we advise them on how to choose the skis or the bindings or we provide general service of the skis after season.



We have a minimum of printed marketing materials. Most of the information can be found on-line, we use our website

or social media as the main source for technical or image details. We try to reduce the use of ecologically burdening

printed paper to the minimum necessary.



And finally, the original idea of the name Forest skis comes from our long-lasting effort to support reforestation in the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia especially in areas that have been heavily damaged by natural disasters in recent years.

We are active in planting trees ourselves and when there is an opportunity we gladly spent time with tree planting in our National parks. From each directly sold pair of skis, 10 Eur goes to the forest nursery, so there could be new trees planted.