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We present our design edition of Longboards. Their unique look is based on our Fullcarbon or Indigo dyed ski range models. They can be made in Ash, Cherry, Walnut or original Indigo dyed flax Skadi / Leafs design.

They have a laminated sandwich construction, based on the same technology as used in our skis. It is lighter and more powerful than commonly used maple boards. Longboards have a two-layer poplar core, construction

made of carbon and glass fibers and you have a choice of 2 shapes. The square Forest shape is characteristic for us, it is 90 cm long and 24 cm wide. It is suitable for Cuising and shallower downhill runs. For riders looking for a smaller board, we have a standard Cruiser 80 x 22 cm. The board is more playful and versatile.


The price of a plain board is 180 €, a complete finished longboard with branded trucks and Orangatang or Remember wheels is 299 €.

For special requests, you are welcome to consult them with us.

bindings and touring skins

We offer bindings from our recommended partner brands: Fritschi Bindings and Tyrolia Bindings. You can get these bindings for special prices sold in a  set with our skis. We will be happy to help you with the right choice. We also have skins for ski touring cut-out for various ski models from Contour / Hybrid 70% moh-air.

ski poles

Ultralight Handmade ski poles with wooden pear or walnut handles and World-cup Carbon or reinforced Carbon/ Kevlar body. A telescopic body for ski touring is also available. Fabric weight for a pair is 280 g / pair with Carbon body to 360 g / pair with Carbon/Kevlar body - with 120 cm length and 16 mm diameter of the body. That's just 140g-180g for a piece.

So light you feel them only when you need to use them. The length is adjustable.

Telescopic body for ski touring is also available, fabric weight 1pc. 200g-240g.

The prices vary from 120-180 € depending on the used material. The ski poles are manufactured by one

of our long time ambassadors Michal Plichta. They are called Plichto' Poles. You can contact him directly

with order inquiry.

All Full-Carbon skis are delivered with the ski bag. Ski bags come in three sizes,  the bigger one is made for ORKAN / PERUN models, the middle for middle FROST and smaller one for smaller FROST skis.

The price for the ski bag alone or for a skis bag for LOTOR skis is 40 € without shipping costs.

ski bags
bandanas & caps

Original Indigo dyed bandanas made of 100% cotton manufactured by Modrotlač Matej Rabada and flat caps in grey or black color or flexi cap in black color, also made of 100% cotton.


The price of the T-shirt without shipping costs is 18 €  or 22 € depending on the used material. Some of the T-Shirts have also a girl's version.

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