If you have any other questions do not hesitate to contact us personally.

Do you offer personal consultations?

If you are not sure how to pick the right ski model, don't be shy and contact us with any questions. We will gladly help you choose the best possible skis and we provide extensive consultations for this matter. All advice is a free part of our service. We also manufacture our custom-made products only after a detailed, personal consultation. We strive to ensure that your skis would fit as much as possible.


How long does it take to produce the skis?

From the initial consultation to the finished pair of skis takes us 4 to 8 weeks. If you’re in a hurry, depending on favourable circumstances skis could also be manufactured within a week or two. We usually have also some skis in stock and these can be shipped within one week. It is best to get informed over the phone. Production times may vary depending on how complex is the order and what exactly it involves. A specific timetable applies to pre-orders. Pre-ordering is possible in summer.


Are you able to create a custom series of the skis?

Upon request, we can manufacture custom series. Skis have to be based on our current shapes and you can choose the construction, the surface or ski base design. We are not using metal plates in our ski constructions. The price of a series skis is based on the quantity and materials required. If you would like to know more, please send us an inquiry by email.


Is delivery included in the price?

There is an additional charge for delivery costs. Skis can be shipped anywhere within European Union. Shipping in EU costs 40 EUR. Shipping of skis with mounted bindings costs 60 Euros. For the shipment outside EU, special conditions are applied due to different costs of shipment and different TAX involved.


How long does it take to receive the skis?

Once your order has been processed and the skis are ready, it will be dispatched within 1 working day and arrive  in an additional 2-5 days.


Which delivery companies do you use, can I track the shipment?

We use mostly FedEx for all foreign shipments. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking link.


Can I test the skis?

We have a large collection of test skis. We regularly organise public ski tests in the Alps or in Slovakia. For more information on the test centers and the event calendar, see the Testing section.


Do you make also private ski tests?

Yes, you can participate on a private ski test with us. We make individual private ski tests as well as private ski tests for bigger groups, such as for companies when they have team-building for example or health vacation for the employees. You are welcome to contact us for more info.


How should I treat the ski surface?

We use few layered lacquer treatment for the topsheet layer which makes it even more durable. However, wood is a living material working under external impacts, so we recommend to take care about it to achieve the longer life cycle. At the end of the season it's easy to treat it with a layer of the normal transparent lacquer for wood or in case of deeper gashes, lightly sand the wood with a sandpaper before applying the finish. The scratches would fade and the skis can look almost as new.


How do you mount the binding properly?

Our recommendation is to mount the skis exactly on the center marked by us. If you want to have skis more stable in speed you can move the binding 1cm backwards. If you want to have skis more agile, you can move it 1cm forward. If you're not sure, you'd better consult with us, rather then drill immediately. It is recommended to mount the binding at maximum 1cm backwards or forwards from the center of the marked area on the ski. With Lotor and Druid, you can move your skis to a playful and agile newschool style up to 2cm forward.

For carbon skis and for other skis the best option for all is 3.6×9.5 drill, you should not use drill with other dimensions. Always use waterproof wood adhesive marked D3. Screws need to be tightened with feeling, never use an automatic screwdriver to tighten the screws.


Do you offer also bindings?

Yes, we offer bindings from our recommended partner brands: Fritschi Bindings and Tyrolia Bindings. We have these bindings for better prices sold in set with our skis. We will be happy to help you with the right choice.


How should I properly store my skis at the end of the season?

Skis should be fully serviced and waxed at the end of the season. We recommend to decrees the force on the binding to minimum and close the binding to avoid spring damage in the binding. Store your skis in a cool, dry space when you do not use them. Wipe them down after use to avoid moisture accumulation.


Do you have wholesale?

Yes, we do, for more information please contact us directly.


Do you offer also pro deals?

Are you a working professional in the mountains whose activity requires the use of ski equipment, such as: ski instructor, mountain guide, resort photographer, young athlete? If you are, you are eligible to benefit from better price deals for our equipment. So we can approve your pro deal, we need you to provide us with: valid professional card or an employment contract or in case of media and athletes a portfolio.